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Hello and welcome to our 'About Us' page!
Here you will learn the back story to our name, you'll meet our staff members, everything we specialise in and much more!



To learn more about us, you will first need to learn the origin story of where our name came from!

The owner and creative force behind Rosie Wilson, Debbie Marlowe, has always been an animal lover and whilst in the naming process, Debbie decided to dedicate the shop to her very much loved pet dog, Rosie Wilson!

How adorable is she?!


As some of you may know, we are a bridal/gift shop based in Affinity Staffordshire, Talke Pits, Stoke-on-Trent. But that hasn't always been the case!

After earning her Business degree at University, Debbie first kicked off her business after travelling the world for 1 year, experiencing different cultures and finding inspiration from many people she met along the way!
Using the knowledge and inspiration she collected during her travels, Debbie set up a stall in her local shopping centre selling jewellery. Expanding the business to bring in her Bridal range, she then moved to Slaters; where she even helped to provide some stunning pieces for Russell Watson's wedding! 

Wanting to expand the business further, Debbie then decided on moving to Affinity Staffordshire. Starting as a stall alongside her store at Slaters, to eventually closing her Slaters store and moving into her own shop within the Affinity Staffordshire centre, where you know us to be today! With our very own bridal room, full of gorgeous hats, fascinators, Rainbow Club shoes, clutch bags, hair pieces and more! Also specialising in bespoke hats & fascinators, as well as in-store dyeing!






Meet the owner and creative force behind the business, Debbie!



Here's Donna, our Store Manager!



Next up we have Matt, our other Store Manager! 

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This is Cheryl!



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Say hello to Emilia!



Visiting us during the weekend? You might bump into Yasmin!

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And finally, here's Lauren! Our social media content creator and website designer, but also another one of our sales assistants!